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112 Commonly Asked Manual Testing Interview Questions

112 Commonly Asked  Manual Testing Interview Questions

Ques.1. What do you mean by Software Testing?

Ques.2. Why is testing required?

Ques.3. When should we stop testing?

Ques.4. What is Quality Assurance and what are the different activities involved in Quality assurance?

Ques.5. What is Quality Control and what are the different types of testing involved in QC?

Ques.6. What is the difference between Verification and Validation?

Ques.7. What is SDLC?

Ques.8. Explain the STLC – Software Testing life cycle.

Ques.9. What are the different types of testing.

Ques.10. What is manual testing.

Ques.11. What is automation testing?

Ques.12. What are some advantages of automation testing.

Ques.13. What are some disadvantages of automation testing.

Ques.14. What is performance testing.

Ques.15. What is a test bed?

Ques.16. What is a test plan?

Ques.17. What is a test scenario?

Ques.18. What is a Test case?

Ques.19. What are some attributes of a test case?

Ques.20. What is Test data?

Ques.21. What is a Test script?

Ques.22. What is Error in Software Testing?

Ques.23. What is a Bug?

Ques.24. What is a defect?

Ques.25. What are some defect reporting attributes?

Ques.26. What are some of the bug or defect management tools?

Ques.27. What is defect density?

Ques.28. What is defect priority?

Ques.29. What is defect severity?

Ques.30. Give an example of Low priority-Low severity, Low priority-High severity, High priority-Low severity, High priority-High severity defects.

Ques.31. What is a blocker?

Ques.32. What is a critical bug?

Ques.33. Explain the bug life cycle or the different states of a bug.

Ques.34. What are the different test design techniques.

Ques.35. What is Static Testing.

Ques.36. What is Dynamic Testing.

Ques.37. Explain the different types of specification-based test design techniques.

Ques.38. Explain equivalence class partitioning.

Ques.39. What is boundary value analysis.

Ques.40. What is decision table testing.

Ques.41. What is a cause-effect graph.

Ques.42. What is state transition testing.

Ques.43. What is the use case testing.

Ques.44. What is Test Coverage.

Ques.45. What is structure-based testing.

Ques.46. What is code coverage.

Ques.47. What are Statement testing and statement coverage in white box testing.

Ques.48. What is decision testing or branch testing.

Ques.49. What are the different levels of testing?

Ques.50. What is unit testing.

Ques.51. What is integration testing.

Ques.52. What are the different types of integration testing.

Ques.53. What is a stub.

Ques.54. What is a driver.

Ques.55. What is system testing.

Ques.56. What is acceptance testing.

Ques.57. What is UAT Testing.

Ques.58. What is End-To-End Testing.

Ques.59. What is alpha testing.

Ques.60. What is beta testing.

Ques.61. What is Adhoc Testing.

Ques.62. What is monkey testing.

Ques.63. How is monkey testing different from Adhoc testing.

Ques.64. What is exploratory testing.

Ques.65. What is load testing.

Ques.66. What is stress testing.

Ques.67. What is volume testing.

Ques.68. What is endurance testing or Soak testing.

Ques.69. What is spike testing.

Ques.70. What is UI testing.

Ques.71. What is usability testing.

Ques.72. What is Accessibility testing.

Ques.73. What is compatibility testing.

Ques.74. What is configuration testing.

Ques.75. What is localization testing.

Ques.76. What is globalization testing.

Ques.77. What is negative testing.

Ques.78. What is security testing.

Ques.79. What is penetration testing.

Ques.80. What is robustness testing.

Ques.81. What is concurrency testing.

Ques.82. What is backend testing.

Ques.83. What is A/B testing.

Ques.84. What is risk analysis.

Ques.85. What is the difference between regression and retesting.

Ques.86. What is the difference between black-box and white-box testing.

Ques.87. What is the difference between smoke and sanity testing.

Ques.88. What is the difference between Release and Build.

Ques.89. What is the difference between bug leakage and bug release.

Ques.90. What do you mean by Defect Triage.

Ques.91. What is a test harness? Why do we need a test harness.

Ques.92. What is all pair testing.

Ques.93. What is failover testing.

Ques.94. What is fuzz testing.

Ques.95. What is pilot testing.

Ques.96. What is dev-box Testing.

Ques.97. What is mutation testing.

Ques.98. What is the requirement traceability matrix(RTM).

Ques.99. What is cyclomatic complexity.

Ques.100. What are the entry criteria in software testing.

Ques.101. What is exit criteria in software testing.

Ques.102. What is the difference between testing and debugging.

Ques.103. Explain the Agile methodology.

Ques.104. What is scrum.

Ques.105. What are the different roles in scrum.

Ques.106. What is a scrum meeting.

Ques.107. Explain TDD (Test Driven Development).

Ques.108. What is the difference between Latent and Masked Defects.

Ques.109. What is the PDCA cycle in software testing.

Ques.110. What is Defect Cascading.

Ques.111. What is a test metric.

Ques.112. What is Context-driven testing.

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