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How To Write a Functional Test Cases

Functional Test Cases

1.    Verify by clicking on the text area that the gif (image) should be hidden.
2.    Verify the gif (image) shown again if the user clicks outside the text area on the web page.
3.    Verify that click on the text area, the cursor shown in the input section on a single click. Not First gif hide, then again click on the text area to write.
4.    Verify that the text area is functional in case of any validation error message shown.
5.    Verify if keyboard shortcut keys enable in the text area. Users can copy, cut or paste and select content on shift + Arrow Keys.
6.    Verify Backspace, delete keys should be functional.
7.    Verify user can type in the text area after clicking in the text area.
8.    Verify user can paste the copied content with keyboard keys Ctrl + v.
9.    Verify on click on the copy to clipboard, copied the same content with the same format from the result section in the text area.
10.    Verify that Html code not be implemented in the text area or the result section on click on the Submit button. For example <H1> Hello </H1>
11.    Verify Java Script code not be implemented in the text area or the result section on click on the Submit button. For example <script>alert(“123”)</script> an alert should not be shown.
12.    Verify the error message shown by uploading a file containing JavaScript and Html code mixed with content.
13.    Verify the input text area is protected from the SQL injection.
14.    Verify the format should be the same as the copied content and paste on the other or same text area.
15.    Verify if the user copy/pastes highlighted content, then don’t display the copied content highlighted.
16.    Verify user can paste the content with the help of a mouse, by right-clicking and selecting the paste option in the text area.
17.    Verify content uploaded by dragging and dropping a file in the text area.
18.    Verify user can upload the file to the text area successfully.
19.    Verify word count update on paste content in the text area.
20.    Verify on paste text by right click on the mouse, word count updated.
21.    Verify users can add alphabetic or alphanumeric and special characters.
22.    Verify users can add content on both cases lower and upper.
23.    Verify the maximum content limit applied.
24.    Verify the minimum content limit applied.
25.    Verify an error message appears if the user adds spaces and clicks on the button.
26.    Verify by pressing spaces on the text area, a horizontal scroll bar not added. At the end of the text area, space is added but the cursor remains blinking.
27.    Verify on paste content no extra space is added with any word on the text area.
28.    Verify text area become enabled after getting the result or as per requirement.
29.    Verify input should not remove from the text area after getting a result or as per requirement.