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How To Write a GUI Test Cases

GUI Test Cases

1.    Verify that all the elements (checkboxes, radio button, text fields etc) on the webpage are aligned or not.
2.    Make sure that icons on the webpage align with the web page.
3.    Verify that placeholder text on the input field is present and visible or not.
4.    Verify the layout for the webpage on cross-device testing.
5.    Test responsiveness for all the elements label text, field, checkboxes or radio buttons on different browsers while testing cross-browser testing.
6.    Verify whether the font size for the content on the webpage is readable or not.
7.    Confirm the font colour for the content on the web page or not.
8.    Verify the placement and position of the error message shown on the webpage according to design.
9.    Verify the colour for the error messages, warnings and info messages.
10.    Verify proper padding and spacing between different elements on the web page. ( label text and check box, buttons devs etc.)
11.    Verify image should not be blurred and visible on the webpage.
12.    Check banners or images should be shown and aligned on mobile devices. And should not be trimmed.
13.    Verify the text on the images should be readable.
14.    Verify the spellings should be correct on the web page.
15.    Check the colours for the links added to the text.
16.    Verify the correct page should be open on click on the link.
17.    Verify the headings on the content.
18.    Verify whether the validation is on the fields added or not.
19.    A confirmation message is shown on the popup or alert in case of delete functionality on the web page or not.
20.    Verify titles on all web pages.
21.    Verify there should not be any broken links present on the web page.
22.    Make sure there should not be any broken images should not be shown on the web page.
23.    Verify the order of the values on the dropdown list should be sorted as required.
24.    Verify 404 page is designed or not.