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How To Write a Test Cases for button

Test Cases for button

1.    Verify button present on the page as per the design on the web page.
2.    Verify the button colour same as per design.
3.    Verify icon added on the button if added in the design. for example Upload or download icon with the button.
4.    Verify icon added on the button must be aligned with button and button text or not.
5.    Verify width and height for the button.
6.    Verify border radius is applied on the button or not.
7.    Verify that the width and height of the buttons used on the website are the same or not as per design.
8.    Verify button text related to the functionality of the tool on the web page.
9.    Verify button is enabled/clickable or not by clicking on the button.
10.    Verify colour changed on the mouse hover or not.
11.    Verify colour changed on mouse hover the same as per design.
12.    Verify user can be able to open button link in a new tab by right click on the button, Open link new tab option shown or not.
13.    Verify whether pressing the Ctrl button on the keyboard and click on the button opens a new tab or not. It should be according to the requirements.
14.    Verify the whole button should be clickable not only the button text.
15.    Verify values added by the user on click on the submit button saved correctly in the database.
16.    Verify the user should not be allowed to click on the submit form/page button multiple times intentionally or unintentionally.
17.    Verify the desired action performed on click on the button or not.
18.    Verify the spelling for the button text is correct or not.
19.    Check button text is readable or not by verifying button text size.
20.    Verify button text colour should be visible on the button.
21.    Verify font family provided by the designer implement or not.
22.    Verify the reset button should set default values for all fields.