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How To Write a Test Cases For Download Report

Test Cases For Download Report

1.    Verify the document page number added on the pdf report.
2.    Verify the website logo should be present in the report.
3.    Verify report name should be written on the report.
4.    Verify there should be no blank page from the start to the end of the report.
5.    Verify there should be no difference between the results on the report and the result section.
6.    Verify empty report, without any content, should not download.
7.    Verify report should be downloaded on click on the download PDF report button.
8.    Verify the Same file should not download for the two different users signing in with different credentials. The possible cause may be both users clicked on the Download report button at the same time.
9.    Verify report name should be related to the tool name.
10.    Verify download report name should be the same as the user uploaded file name as per requirement.
11.    Verify if the user clicks on the Download excel report, the excel report should be downloaded. Same for .doc, .pdf and .txt.
12.    Verify content format should not be disturbed on the report.
13.    Verify content at the end of the page in the PDF report should not be cut off.
14.    Verify link added to the report should be clickable.
15.    Verify clicking on the link on the PDF report should open a new tab.
16.    Verify information on the report should be concise and clear.
17.    Verify charts the color should not disturb the PDF report.
18.    Verify and compare the printed report with the result and e report.
19.    Verify the readability of the report.
20.    Verify generated report steps and sequence should be the same or similar to the result.
21.    Verify share report by URL should open successfully in the new browser.
22.    Verify links added to the report should be distinct. The blue color can use on links for this purpose.
23.    Verify the position of the elements, logos, and pictures on resumes and CVs should not be disturbed by even a single pixel.
24.    Verify special characters should be handled on the pdf report.
25.    Verify results generated in different languages should be shown properly on the downloaded pdf report. e.g Hindi
26.    Verify only a single report should download successfully.
27.    Verify report should be downloaded on mobile.