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How To Write a Test Cases For Email Field

Test Cases For Email Field

1.    Verify email field is present on the page.
2.    Verify whether label text is shown with the email field or not.
3.    Verify label text email align with the email field.
4.    Verify that the placeholder text in the email field is added or not.
Functional Test Cases
1.    Verify email address field is accessible by clicking on the email field.
2.    Check users can type email in the email field.
3.    Verify user can paste the email address in the field by keyboard keys Ctrl + v.
4.    Verify that the user can paste the email address with the mouse by right-clicking in the email field and pasting the email address.
5.    Verify validation for the email field is implemented or not.
6.    Verify whether an error message should be shown in case if the user adds an invalid email address or not.
Positive Test Cases
1.    Validate the email field by entering a valid email address. (
2.    Verify the email must contain @ in the email address.
3.    Verify that an email field accepts an email containing a plus + sign in the email address.
4.    Verify whether an email field validates an email address containing a domain or not. (
5.    Make sure there should dot present in the email address or not.
6.    Verify an email address should be considered correct if an email contains a subdomain.
7.    Check that an email address has a maximum of 2 dots in the case of the subdomain.
8.    Verify an email address containing a special character consider valid.
9.    Verify an email address having numbers is valid.
10.    Verify an email address may contain an IP address.
11.    Verify an email may have square brackets.
12.    An email address with quotes ” ” should consider valid.
13.    An email address may contain a dash – or underscore _.