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How To Write a Test Cases For Footer Section

Test Cases For Footer Section

1.    Verify the footer section is aligned at the end of the page.
2.    Verify there should be no extra white space at the end of the footer on high screen resolutions.
3.    Verify element is aligned at the footer section or not.
4.    Verify footer section should be the same for all pages.
5.    Verify the logo shown at the footer.
6.    Verify logo is aligned on the footer.
7.    Verify from any page on click on the logo home page should be open.
8.    Verify by clicking on the links correct pages should be loaded.
9.    Verify all social links with icons added on the footer.
10.    Verify no spelling mistakes for the text on the footer section.
11.    Verify there must be equal space for the elements links, button, and social links from top and bottom at the footer section.
12.    Verify no broken link is found on the footer.
13.    Verify whether the subscription to the newsletter section presents or not.
14.    Verify whether the subscribe to the newsletter email field with subscribe button present or not.
15.    Verify validation on the email field for subscribing to the newsletter added or not.
16.    Verify an error message shown on blank input on click on the Subscribe button.
17.    Verify confirmation message should be shown if the user subscribed successfully.
18.    Verify mouse cursor changes from a pointer to a hand on the link.
19.    Verify whether the copyright section is added to the footer or not.
20.    Verify correct year was added to the footer section or not.
21.    Verify whether the copyright icon is added or not on the footer section.
22.    Verify the size of the copyright icon.