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How To Write a Test Cases For Links

Test Cases For Links

1.    Check whether the link added on the page is clickable or not by clicking on the link.
2.    Verify whether the text is added to the link or not.
3.    Verify correct URL/link address should be added to the text or not.
4.    Verify on clicking on the link redirects to the correct URL or not.
5.    Verify that the link added with the correct hypertext transfer protocol https:// or http://.
6.    Make sure the link opens in the same tab or a new tab by clicking on the link as per requirement.
7.    Verify link should be added to the required text or not.
8.    Verify the on-link text color should not be the same as the content and changes on mouse hover.
9.    Verify the text on a link should be relevant or not.
10.    Verify there should not be any spelling mistakes on the link text.
11.    Verify mouse pointer changes to hand on mouse hover on the link or not.
12.    Verify tooltip is added on the link on mouse hover or not.
13.    Verify tooltip should be aligned with the link or not.
14.    Verify the text added on the tooltip.
15.    Check on mouse hover to the link, the link address should be shown on the lower-left corner of the web page or not.
16.    Check whether the loader is shown on click on the link or not.
17.    Verify the whole image is clickable if the link is added to the image and on the click, it redirects to the desired page.
18.    Verify image should not be broken in case if the link is added to the image.
19.    Verify the web page slides at the correct position if links are added on the same page.