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How To Write a Test Cases For Payment

Test Cases For Payment

1.    Verify services and features mentioned on the pricing page clearly.
2.    Verify spellings for the content on the pricing page are correct or not.
3.    Verify the trial period in time in days or queries functional properly if provided.
4.    Verify that the trial expires service should not be accessible until the user purchases the plan.
5.    Verify user data should be saved as the user purchase plan after the completion of the trial period.
6.    Do not allow the user to purchase a plan without email verification.
7.    Verify as the user purchase the plan, the user plan status should be updated to paid without forcing the user to log out and then log in.
8.    Verify if the user can buy the plan successfully after email verification or not.
9.    Verify invoice generated on the purchase of a plan is accessible to the user or not. Sent in email or shown on Dashboard.
10.    Verify user can download an invoice or not.
11.    Verify whether an invoice is sent on the registered email to the user on the purchasing plan or not.
12.    Verify the user login with social links can purchase a plan.
13.    Verify the plan assigned to the user is the same selected by the user.
14.    Verifies plan queries or offered services shown on the user profile.
15.    Verifies whether the plan's remaining queries are shown on the user profile or not.
16.    Verify the expiry date for the purchased plan is shown on the profile or not.
17.    Verify whether plan expiration notification should be shown on the dashboard/profile or not. Email may also be sent to the user.
18.    Verify whether the renew plan link is added to the Dashboard or not.
19.    Verify on click on the renew link should redirect to the plan and pricing page.
20.    Verify the user is unable to enjoy services once the plan expires and the user does not renew the plan.
21.    Verify user can downgrade its plan or not during the plan activation.
22.    Verify user can downgrade its plan or not after the plan expires and the user renews its plan.
23.    Verify test case user can upgrade or purchase plan during the purchased plan is active and the user allowed queries end.
24.    Verify the case if the user can purchase a new plan, it will add queries in the already purchased plan or not as per requirement.
25.    Verify plan expiry date increased or not if the days and queries are remaining and the user upgrades its plan.
26.    Verify whether auto-renewal is working or not.
27.    Verify auto-renewal is mentioned clearly on the pricing page.
28.    Verify user can cancel its plan at any time.
29.    Verify user can purchase the plan successfully after the user cancels its plan.
30.    Verify if the user cancels its plan, don’t access the user pro feature until its plan expires.
31.    Verify the user can not access the dashboard if the plan expires.