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What are the Features of Java...?


1. Platform Independent :- The concept of Write-once-run-anywhere (known as the Platform independent) is one of the important key feature of java language that makes java as the most powerful language. The programs written on one platform can run on any platform provided the platform must have its own JVM.

2. Portable :- The feature Write-once-run-anywhere makes the java language portable provided that the system must have interpreter for the JVM. Java also have the standard data size irrespective of operating system or the processor. These features makes the java as a portable language.

3. Secure :- This is important feature of java. Java is very much secure as compared to any other language. Some of the points why java is secured is JVM, Security Manager, No Pointers, Access Modifiers, Exception Handling, Own Memory Management.

4. Object Oriented :- Basic concepts of OOP's are OBJECT, CLASS, INHERITANCE, PLOYMORPHISM, ABSTRACTION, INCAPSULATION, DYNAMIC BINDING. Java follows all these basic concepts of OOP's. As the languages like Objective C, C++ fulfills the above four characteristics yet they are not fully object oriented languages because they are structured as well as object oriented languages. But in case of java, it is a fully Object Oriented language because object is at the outer most level of data structure in java. No stand alone methods, constants, and variables are there in java. Everything in java is object even the primitive data types can also be converted into object by using the wrapper class.

5. Robust :- Dictionary meaning of Robust is Powerfull or Strong. The feature of java like Memory Allocation & Automatic Garbage Collection makes java Robust. The Java Source Code will only be compiled when it is Error Free. Also powerful Exception Handling and Type Checking mechanism makes java strong and guides you how to deal with perticular type of error.

6. Multi-Threading :- Java is a Multithreaded programming language. Multithreading means a single program having different threads executing independently at the same time. Multiple threads execute instructions according to the program code in a process or a program. Multithreading works the similar way as multiple processes run on one computer. In multithreaded programs not even a single thread disturbs the execution of other thread. Threads are obtained from the pool of available ready to run threads and they run on the system CPUs.

7. Simple, As Some features of C & C++ Eliminated :- Some features of C & C++ like Memory Pointer, Preprocessor, No Array Index Limit Checking, Operator Overloading, No Automatic Garbage Collection is removed from Java. This makes java more simple & less confusing.



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