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What are the Principles of Agile Methodology or The 12 Principles of Agile Methodology

Explanation of Agile’s Principle in a easy way to understand the concept of Agile.

1. Customer Satisfaction :- Higher priority to satisfy the customers

2. Welcome Change :- Requirement changes during SDL or Execution should be acceptable

3. Deliver Frequently: - Product /Application or Sprint/Model are completed during 1 week, 2 week or within a month should be delivery to customer because customer came to know how work is going on for his application/software/requirement.

4. Motivated Team: - Build Project around motivated individuals. – Team should be motivated to deliver a quality software.

5. Constant pace:- Agile process promote Sustainable development


1 Application = two Moth Duration (development +Testing) - Means 1 months = 50% and 2 month = 50%.

During this development, in first month organization completed 30% work instead of 50 % hence in next month, they should cover 30% or more than that, not less than 30%

Basically it’s a constant Pace

6. Working Together: - Developer, BA, Tester should be work together to give a quality software as per requirement.

7. Working Software:- Working software is the primary measure of process


Developed software - how much the functionality is covered that should be test, which functionality is working and which functionality is not working

8. Face to Face :- In Agile Face to Face conversation mandatory to develop a software/application or convey a new information or to discuss a  new functionality instead of Call, Email Process

9. Good Design:-Software should  be developed technically


If some requirement changes came in application/software that should be adaptable

10. Simplicity :- Not dependency on each Other

11. Self-Organization Team :-


1. Team should be independent

2. Team Lead /Team Head  is not required to guide

3. Team together will make the plan, decision, how to work and all.

12. Reflect and Adjustment: - Improvement of software with the help of meeting and discussion.