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What is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)..?

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

SDLC is stand for Software Development Life Cycle. SDLC having server phases as follows

  1. Information Gathering 
  2. Requirement Analysis 
  3. Design
  4. Coding
  5. Testing
  6. Maintenance 


  1. Information Gathering: - During information Gathering phase, Senior Team Member or BA (Product Owner) is involved and he will collect all the requirement from the stake holders of project. Once he collected on the requirement form the stakeholder he will prepare the BRS Document. BRS document is nothing but Business Requirement document, BRS document define the customer requirement to be developed as software. Basically BRS document contain all details of Business Requirement.

  1. Requirement Analysis: - During Requirement analysis, BA peoples will prepare the SRS Document, SRS is nothing but System Requirement Specification. SRS document contains technical requirement of project, it is the combination of functional requirement specification and System requirement specification.


  1. Design:- Design is divided into two type,
  • High Level Design
  • Low Level Design


High Level Design:-  It also known as External design, this document defines hierarch or Structure of all possible functionality to be developed as main module. This is developed by project Architecture. HLD is like functional flow diagram, it describe the relation between various modules and function of the system.

Low Level Design:- It also known as internal design, it describe the static logic of every sub modules. LLD is like detailing of HLD. Class diagram with all the methods, properties, variable and relation between classes come under LLD.


  1. Coding:- During Coding phase – developer write the code for features – once the code is done, he will review that code is called as Unit testing – Unit testing means, he will execute the code in block wise.

Example ---  If he written 1000 lines of code for 1 feature, then he will make bloks like 100 line code according to his/her logic and he will test that block code. So he can easily find out the error if that block is not working properly.


  1. Testing:- During Testing phase, We identify Scenario,  write Test Cases as per requirement/SRS document and we check  the whole  functionality of the application/websites which is developed by Developer is really meets customer requirement. If we found any issues in the application, we get it fix by developer for good quality software.


  1. Maintenance: - Product or application get released in production I mean in Market. If some issue occurred while using that product or application, we will fix that issue for smooth functioning of application.