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What is URI or End Point URL...?

What is URI or End Point URL?

basically API / Endpoint URL is the combination of things like below:

{Base URL} + {Resource} + {Path/Query Parameter} < Path Parameter

Path Parameter: Path parameters are variable parts of the Endpoint URL. They are used to point to a specific resource within the collection. Let’s say user can recognized by ID.

Ex: < Path Parameter

Query Parameter: Query parameter is used to sort/filter the resources. Query parameter identified by question mark “?”


Resources represent API/Collection which can be accessed from the Server


You can see some basic information to perform API testing. Basically, it’s a client server architecture. Client sends the request to server. And server returns the response. You can see some information below:


So, we use POSTMAN tool to perform API testing to test RESTful APIs. You can find the image below to understand How actually we work in Postman. In Similar way we will work in POSTMAN.